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Wir freuen uns sehr, dass die Installation ›12:+ Polyphonie‹ auf dem ›International Festival for Photography and Video‹ im GoEun Museum of Photography in Korea gezeigt wird. Die Ausstellung ist vom 2. Februar bis zum 28. Februar 2009 geöffnet.


Text der Pressemitteilung:

The 1st International Festival for Photography and Video

The Society of Korean Photography(SKP) is to hold the 1st International Festival for Photography and Video at the Go Eun Museum of Photography in Pusan from February 2 through 28, 2009.

This international exhibition is planned in order to encourage society members' creative activities, and to promote international academic exchange. The SKP is planning to hold this exhibition biannually and will show more than 120 photographic works of artists from ten countries in each exhibition. We are inviting our esteemed colleagues and professionals in the field to share your valuable artworks before the Photography & Video community.

The SKP is an non-profit academic organization which has more than 270 members of professors, graduate students, photographers, and other professionals in the photographic field. Inaugurated by some professors and working professionals in 1992, the SKP has tried to contribute itself to the development of Korean photography. The SKP has now become most outstanding organization for photography and video in Korea.

It holds regular academic conferences biannually and publishes the Society's academic journal "AURA" which is officially approved by the Korea Research Foundation. With the participation of many outstanding artists from all over the world, we hope this exhibition will be the great chance to promote international exchange in the field of photography and video. 

18. Januar 2009